The history of North End music venue “This Ain’t Hollywood”

So, with ten years of being a top name in art scenes within Hamilton, the owners of the North End music venue “This Ain’t Hollywood” has decided to put it up for sale. Guess how much? A whopping $2.15 million.

Sweet, right?

Well, we’ll get to talk about the sale later. But before that, let’s piggyback a few years and look at the exciting history of one of Hamilton’s historic music scenes. (more…)

Canadian artists to look forward this year

It is a hill that many music fans have tried to die on: what Canadian artists should they look forward this year? Well, it is quite difficult to narrow down the list to only a few of them, because it seems that Canada has some of the greatest artists of the world. Some people prefer to look back and revisit the artists that made a great impact last year, but if you want to know what releases are coming this year, then here are the artists, people want to see on stage in 2018. (more…)

Wildlife – the Canadian music band that emerges from no-man’s land

It’s no secret to anyone that Canadian music bands are some of the best in the world. The country is full of immense talent and, fortunately for us, they are generous enough to share them with the world. Canadians feel sure enough of themselves to venture away from the conventional pop sound. Some bands present a completely different sound and still manage to dominate the airwaves. Wildlife is such an example. Wildlife is known all around the world yet many people don’t know that they are Canadians. What makes this music band so special? The fact that they emerge from no-man’s land and became an instant sensation. These artists are expected to release a new album at some point or another. Until they do, you can play music from the Age of Everything, Wildlife’s third record. (more…)

2018 concert setlists in Canada you certainly don’t want to miss

You consider music your escape, your morning coffee, your mood medicine? Then you can call yourself a music enthusiast. Living in Canada is a blessing taking into account the beautiful sights you get to see every day, the kind people surrounding you and – finally – the many concert setlists. Canada is the host of numerous world tours of national and international artists and you should take advantage of that whenever you have the chance.Staying up to date when it comes to concert setlists should be part of your daily schedule.

Gather your friends and family and travel to a concert you cannot wait to attend. You’ll get to visit different parts of beautiful Canada and enjoy your favorite type of music at the same time. Don’t lose the opportunity of making unforgettable memories and living the best moments of your life. Live like a true music lover and dedicate your time and resources to it. (more…)