The history of North End music venue “This Aint Hollywood”

The history of North End music venue “This Ain’t Hollywood”

So, with ten years of being a top name in art scenes within Hamilton, the owners of the North End music venue “This Ain’t Hollywood” has decided to put it up for sale. Guess how much? A whopping $2.15 million.

Sweet, right?

Well, we’ll get to talk about the sale later. But before that, let’s piggyback a few years and look at the exciting history of one of Hamilton’s historic music scenes.

Mackenzie House: where it all began

This Ain’t Hollywood didn’t really start out as the music venue that it grew to be today. However, it has been tightly entrenched in the history of Hamilton with different amazing tales and events.

Backtrack to 1893, the building opened as Mackenzie House. However, in the 1930s, the building bagged a reputation as being a CN bar. Well, this was because workers, from the rail yards close by, could easily walk down the street after a stressful work shift.

The interesting thing is that, even before all of that, there was some sort of connection between the bar and sailors that would normally come to patronize after a day’s work at the docks.

The beginning of This Ain’t Hollywood

Jodie Faulman, Glen, and Molinaro; these are the names written in this history of This Ain’t Hollywood.

Molinaro and his partners purchased the old pub in 2009 for about $350,000. The building is situated on James Street North just at the corner of Murray Street. It was not until the documents were signed to buy the building that it became a counterculture icon in Hamilton.

The building was named after a song by Forgotten Rebels titled “This Ain’t Hollywood.” And since then, numerous icons have performed on its stage.

Teenage Head and Johnny Winter have played on that stage. Even Arkells and other bands have made music videos in that building. Also, album release parties by the likes of Monster Truck have also been hosted at the venue in its dark and charming interior.

The unexpected sale of This Ain’t Hollywood

Though This Ain’t Hollywood has hosted iconic events from drag events to punk rock shows, and Juno after parties, the building has been listed for sale.

According to the founders of the music venue, the sale is due to the surge in rents in and around that area in recent years. One of Hamilton’s run-down areas has not become one of the city’s most visited area.

To summarize

This Ain’t Hollywood has been a trending name in Hamilton as an amazing music venue. But sadly, it’s been sold off.

However, it is said that the venue will continue booking shows up until June of 2019. Hopefully, the legacy will continue.